The New York City FC team is completing. Without doubt the Domenec Torrent team remains among the four or five favorites for the final victory. But there is also the great risk that New York may find itself out of the struggle for the title pretenders. Needless to hide that the most defection of New York, compared to other teams, is due to the lack of a striker who can guarantee 15-20 goals throughout the season. The absence of a striker like that could weigh a lot during the season. Many components make the difference in a team, and among these there is also the presence or not of a great striker. Clearly, the attackers now in the team are of a great standard and no doubt they will give their great support throughout the season. But it is clear that something is missing, that added value that can allow a team to make a difference, to win or to spend a new season in anonymity.

Sezione: Top Stories / Data: Sun 20 January 2019 alle 20:15
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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