David Villa is definitely the leading player in New York City FC. Also against D.C. United, El Guaje was decisive, avoiding the City defeat at Yankee Stadium.

Losing back at home would have been detrimental for New York, but fortunately it took a great effort from the  captain, with a masterpiece on a free kick five minutes from the end of the match, to avoid defeat.

The game against D.C. United could have given NYC FC the second consecutive defeat at home for New York, the first being a defeat by New England. Saturday’s game was similar, with New York dominating then suffering from the first attack of the opponent. The opportunities for the Blues were not lacking, but only David Villa managed to hit the goal and score the equalizer.

New York City suffered from the captain’s absence in the season. Villa was often left out due to injury, but on the pitch he always gave his best. With that goal against D.C.United, he now has 11 goals scored in MLS, despite El Guaje missing several games due to injury. Numbers show how dependent New York is on the Spanish striker, who is the most decisive player on the team. Without detracting from the other players and the other strikers of the City, Villa is the true leader of the Blues.

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Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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