The season is about to start, the club is undergoing a total reconstruction and it is clear that Nick Cushing's team is missing some valuable players who can really make a difference on the pitch.

The first official match of the season is not long away and an acceleration is expected from the club which is carrying out various negotiations. A real number 9 is missing, but above all there is a lack of a player in the middle of the field who can act as a link between midfield and attack. A player of possession is missing from a team that could surprise everyone but also risks being MLS's worst disappointment.

The loss of Maxi Moralez is hard to make up for. New York needs a man with his characteristics in the middle of the field. It is probable that the club decides to turn to a young player to grow and mature until he reaches the levels of Maxi. Possible but complicated operation for a team that, at the moment, lacks its best players.

A situation that will lead Cushing to work a lot from a psychological point of view. In addition to technical-tactical issues, the coach will work a lot with the team by leveraging the desire for revenge of each individual player.

We have to admit it. Many blame New York City FC as a possible worst team next season. Many important players have left the club and have not been replaced. Cushing is therefore already working on his players in order to get out of them the desire for determination, to respond to criticism by giving their best on the pitch, going beyond their characteristics.

A good way to try to play a season at a good level. But it's also clear that New York City FC needs to add new players. Everyone is doing their job in this sense: Cushing with the team and the club with the transfer market negotiations. MLS is about to start, NYCFC is ready but not quite.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Fri 10 February 2023 alle 08:23
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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