New York City FC once again postpones the appointment with the away win. Even against Toronto FC, Nick Cushing's team fails to impose its game and win a game that could both improve the standings but also unlock the team mentally.

NYCFC's performance at home and away is completely different. If New York manages to be a team that wins and convinces in front of its own public, far from New York the Blues are unable to fuel. Even against Toronto, the approach to the match wasn't the best. In the end New York came out beaten by their opponents, a defeat that confirms that Cushing's team has considerable difficulties on the road.

What worries the most is that now NYCFC is expected to have a long series of games away from home. New York will have to play against Charlotte, Cincinnati, the Hudson River Derby and Orlando. Four games away from being able to see New York play in front of their fans against Philadelphia.

All complicated matches, made even more difficult by the fact that New York City FC has tremendous difficulty away from home. Cushing said that he is confident for the future, starting from the next game against Charlotte where New York will necessarily have to have a different approach to the game, try to command the game and pay close attention on defense. The goal is to win to try to solve the away problem, New York's nightmare at the start of the season.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Sun 30 April 2023 alle 14:00
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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