New York City FC gears up for another big game this MLS kickoff. In fact, the Blues will play again at Yankee Stadium and will have to make the most of playing in front of their fans who show great warmth and support for the team every time. New York's goal, or rather confirmation, must be that Yankee Stadium is the team's fort. NYCFC must in fact accumulate as many points as possible right at home, in front of their fans. It is at Yankee Stadium that New York must absolutely build its season.

After the victory obtained at home against Inter Miami, New York City FC is called to repeat itself also against DC United. Saturday's game will be an MLS classic. The two teams have already met 19 times and DC United is a good luck team in New York who have won 10 times and drawn 3 times. Precisely against DC United, the Blues achieved their largest victory in their history (6-0 in 2021). The last game played between the two teams instead saw DC United triumph, but this shouldn't affect Cushing's team who will have to use every means possible to make him the three points.

Taking advantage of the home game will be key for New York City FC. The fans absolutely deserve to see another win, cheer and support the team like no other MLS fan can. The fans are a very important resource for New York and the Blues will absolutely have to 'exploit' this plus to win against DC United but also to win as many games as possible at Yankee Stadium which must become the fortress of NYCFC.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Thu 16 March 2023 alle 23:30
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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