Today's game against Orlando City could be decisive for the future of New York City and its coach. The start of the season of the Blues is like a horror film and in the last period, NYCFC has collected a pittance of points.

In this series of away games, New York City FC has shown all its limits. The record is nothing short of negative, with Cushing's team not winning a point away from New York.

Surely the upheavals of the roster in the offseason have brought about so many changes within the team that it needs more time to find the right alchemy. Cushing has been working on this aspect from the beginning, but now the negative results are starting to be too many.

For this reason, Nick Cushing's future is at stake in the match against Orlando. A positive result could give him one more chance. On the contrary, however, in the event of a defeat then the club could get an exemption for him.

Nothing is certain yet, but New York City FC needs to shake up and shift gears to get back to being competitive. The change of coach is a strong hypothesis that is circulating in these hours.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Wed 17 May 2023 alle 16:13
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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