MLS takes a break. New York City FC will return to the field towards the end of August with the aim of completely reversing the trend after a completely forgettable first part of the season. NYCFC is in third-bottom place in the standings, ahead of Toronto, which like New York has played 24 games, and Inter Miami which has played 22 instead of games.

For the Blues, there are 26 points in the standings, the same as Charlotte and Red Bulls. Montreal has won 29 points. These are the teams that would currently be out of the playoffs.

Reverse the trend, we said. New York City FC is lucky that the standings are still short and that the playoffs are only 4 points away. This a gap easily filled by Nick Cushing's team, provided that the team, in the second part of the season, manages to change gears and climb the standings.

New York has only 5 wins in 24 games, too few for a team that must at all costs enter the playoffs. We therefore need to go back to winning and to do so it means scoring but also thinking about not conceding. Despite the 25 goals scored, New York City FC has conceded 30 goals. The team needs to improve in attack but also be more solid in defense.

During this period, Cushing will have to work to eliminate the defects of the team that cannot afford not to win the playoffs. At the moment, the Blues' season is a failure. The club's choices are not having the desired effects. A reaction of pride is needed, starting from the attitude on the pitch during training and then in the games that New York City FC will have to play and try to win at all costs.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Mon 17 July 2023 alle 18:44
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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