If someone had doubts well now they certainly wouldn't have them anymore. New York City FC has sent a clear signal to all MLS teams that Yankee Stadium will be difficult for everyone. After gaining a point in the two away games, New York did not miss the appointment with the victory in the two games played at home.

New York City FC played the two home games at a very high pace, also driven by the warmth of the fans who supported their team every second. We're only at the beginning of the season, but it's already clear that conquering Yankee Stadium will be difficult for New York's opponents. We have to say that, even on the occasion of the two away games, New York has always shown the fighting spirit, of a team that never wanted to give up.

At home, however, this spirit and the desire to win takes over. New York City FC plays with blood in its eyes, a demonstration of a young team that has a great desire to impose itself in this highly complex championship. If anyone was dissatisfied with the departure of the leading players, the attitude Cushing's team is showing should be enough to change the minds of those who think the team has weakened. Certainly, there is a lack of important figures within the team, but New York seems to have clear enough ideas, having turned the page starting with young people who have a great desire to win.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Mon 20 March 2023 alle 20:30
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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