Clear and deserved victory. New York City FC wins against Los Angeles Galaxy in a game dominated by Domenec Torrent's team. The Blues have never suffered the Galaxy and Ibrahmovic's strength, the strongest striker in the entire MLS. The Swede was well opposed by the New York defense, in particular by Chanot who did not let him breathe. Only in the final part of the game Ibra has had a couple of occasions, but New York City has not let itself be surprised.

A performance of absolute level that offered by New York City FC who are now unbeaten in seven games. Not only that, the one against the Galaxy was also the third straight road clean sheet. Numbers that show how New York City FC has now found the right gaming system and all the strength of the team is coming out. After the Toronto debacle, Domenec Torrent changed the game system to suit the characteristics of the players and the results have now arrived.

The road to follow indicated by Torrent is the right one, the team follows the coach and the results are there, after the disappointing start to the season where there were performances but not results. Now, both performance and results are under everyone's eyes, New York City FC can finally look ahead with more confidence.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Sun 12 May 2019 alle 14:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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