New York City FC could surprise everyone even in the playoffs. After the exciting season played by the team of Torrent, the Blues hope to be protagonists also in the playoffs. No doubt it will not be an easy path for New York, but given the regular season played by Torrent's team, there is a certain optimism for the future. New York has shown throughout the season that it has resources that can be decisive. That's why there is no concern among the Blues who could start the playoffs without Heber.

Torrent's team went beyond all the difficulties it encountered during the season. On the New York City FC there is also a greater awareness of their own strength and mental freedom in playing. Weapons that can be fundamental for the Torrent team to play excellent playoffs. The strength of the team, the fact that the City can play without pressure and thoughts, can make the Blues be the most formidable team in the playoffs.

Few would have bet on such an excellent New York season. Still, Torrent's team surprised everyone and now they wants to surprise even more in the playoffs, going all the way.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Fri 18 October 2019 alle 22:47
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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