One of the biggest regrets of the defeat suffered by New York City FC was that of failing to exploit numerical superiority. For 40 minutes the Blues played 11 against 10 but Cushing's team never managed to put Charlotte in danger.

Even in numerical parity and one goal behind, Charlotte's supremacy was not perceived. Still, New York City FC has never been able to express itself in the right way.

With the expulsion of Fuchs, NYCFC would have to change gears. Nick Cushing tried to shake up his team by bringing in Maxi Moralez and Heber, but they never managed to reach the goal.

New York City FC was completely unable to play, both in the first half and when Charlotte was left in ten. A team without ideas, identity, and personality.

The situation is very worrying. New York City FC is likely to play the playoffs in an unworthy way. The team is not there, neither physically nor with the head. The impression is that it is a bit to be re-founded, a team without a soul does not last long.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Sun 11 September 2022 alle 11:16
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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