New York City FC's subdued performance against the Revs. The many absences in the Blues have certainly influenced a game that New York has never been able to control. Ball possession was almost always the Revs who, especially in the first half, had several opportunities to score. But Sean Johnson was instrumental on more than one occasion, saving New York. Few ideas of the Blues who suffered the pressure of the opponents who, always in the first half, kept Deila's team in their half. There was not much fluidity of the game, the midfield was passive and the attack was not very lucid and concrete. In short, it wasn't a great NYCFC game.

Something changed in the second half, especially with the entry of Tinnerholm, one of the team's fittest players, onto the pitch. Tinnerholm brought greater vitality to the team's play. New York City FC has had some clearer opportunities, but the impression that Deila's team gave is that they don't have many ideas and wait longer for the play of the single to find the goal.

In the end, however, the goal did not come, and even today the New York strikers failed to score. This is becoming a serious problem for New York and Deila who must hurry to find a solution to the New York goal crisis that risks, sooner or later, having repercussions on the results and on the season.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Sun 20 September 2020 alle 00:29
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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