Despite the difficulties caused by injuries, New York City FC never gives up. Without Heber and Maxi, there was some concern. They are those players who can make a difference and, playing without them, could be a problem for the Blues. Still, New York City FC has shown that in every single player the team can find the winning play. Missing two points of reference like Heber and Maxi, here comes out Mitrita. Mitri-gol didn't disappoint and still scored. A goal that decided the match and gave another three points to the team that now flies higher and higher in the standings. This year there is no doubt. The strength of New York is the group.

Everyone is giving their precious contribution and at different stages of the championship. Just think of the attack. Taty has been unleashed at the beginning, Heber was the constant of the season, Mitrita have scored important goals and Medina also left his mark. Each of them was important, as was Maxi, or the last one to score Keaton Parks. Not to mention the midfield and defense that in every game showed great strength and ability.

There is no doubt, this is the best season of New York City FC, thanks to a series of components, but above all of being a group, a family.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Mon 16 September 2019 alle 23:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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