Without doubt, New York City FC's participation in the Leagues Cup will give the club even more prestige. The competition will start from August, right at the decisive moment of the championship. While New York City FC must be proud to participate in this tournament, the team could suffer a backlash.

It is clear that the season that is about to begin will be that of the restructuring of the team. Many important players have left. More will come, there is confidence in the Blues, but it will take time for Delia and her staff to mix well the players who are left and the new ones who will arrive.

Playing more games could, from a certain point of view, help the team find more understanding. However, playing often and training little could take away from the team the necessary resources to play a season at a high level.

The danger is precisely that of playing too much, especially for a team that will change considerably compared to last season. The hope is that the right balance is found, but the danger is around the corner. New York City FC is preparing to be reborn, but it will be a long and tiring journey, with more than one competition to play.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Wed 24 March 2021 alle 00:05
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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