New York City FC has only one goal, to win. To succeed in winning the game against Atlanta, Torrent's team will clearly have to change something compared to the Yankee Stadium match. The City must attack, crush Atlanta in its area and at the same time prevent Atlanta from starting off again. New York will have to make a great ball possession, but in the proximity of the penalty box of Atlanta. It must be a siege by the Blues, but always with intelligence. When you attack so much, you risk then being surprised in defense. Precisely for this reason, the ball must be as far as possible from the defenders of the City, rather the possession of the ball must be in the opposing half of the field and must not be sterile, must lead to score.

For this reason, the attacking point of reference is clearly David Villa, but we can not ask the City captain to make miracles. New York City must play as much as possible on Tajouri-Shradi and Maxi Moralez, fresh players, who have dribbling and speed. Then it will probably be Villa to finalize the game of the City. New York must play to win, but with intelligence. Only in this way will New York City FC succeed in achieving the goal.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Sun 11 November 2018 alle 20:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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