It is still all to understand and determine the future of David Villa. We do not know if he will stay in New York or return to Spain, if he says the final goodbye to soccer or he will continue. From his choice, however, will be defined the market choices of New York. In case of goodbye, New York will have to move to replace Villa. It will not be easy to find a player with his performance, but the City can not fail in the choice. New York will have to find a strong striker with persuasion even inside the locker room. The choice would then fall on several strikers who play in Europe. Several names already circulate, such as Alexis Sanchez, Radamel Falcao and James Rodriguez. All players who have already shown a lot but if they wear the New York shirt they will have to do it with the heart, not to end up their career. That's what's needed in New York, motivated players who still want to demonstrate and win. That's why probably the City will not watch you have big names but will evaluate both the technical quality but also the motivations of the players.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Mon 19 November 2018 alle 14:30
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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