What's happening at New York City FC? Without a doubt the Pigeons are the worst team in the MLS. The three consecutive losses, and especially the two against DC United and New England Revolutions, confirmed that NYCFC is going through a very complicated moment of the season. New York City FC seems unable to get out of the darkness of a moment that could completely ruin the season.

Yet, the New York season had begun in a completely different way. The Blues were immediately one of the most suspected teams to win the MLS. The team, under the leadership of Ronny Deila, had started quite well, eventually reaching the top of the table, thanks also to goals from Taty Castellanos. Then total darkness. Right after the farewell of Ronny Deila and Castellanos, trouble started for New York City FC. The team has never recovered, especially after the Argentine striker's departure. The absence of him is felt, as well as that of a technical guide more accustomed to certain stages. Nothing against Nick Cushing, but the team, especially right now, seems to have no identity of its own.

Without a doubt, the farewell of Deila and Castellanos is weighing a lot on the results of New York City FC. But it's too late to fix it now. The Blues absolutely must find the strength within them, in each player and in his coach. New York doesn't deserve to have the worst team in the MLS. You need a steering, a clear and immediate change. The season is not compromised, now is the time to change but for the better.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Mon 05 September 2022 alle 22:30
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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