One of the positive aspects of New York City FC's game against the Vancouver Whitecaps was certainly that the Blues managed to keep their clean sheet. NYCFC had a good approach to the game and was certainly much more dangerous than the opponents. The most dangerous actions were created by Deila's team, which however failed to exploit all the opportunities produced. In attack, New York City FC proved to be very sterile, while in defense Deila's team was very careful, did not make mistakes and managed to perfectly control the opponents.

In truth, New York City FC did not leave any space for the opponents, thus not allowing him to ever become dangerous on Sean Johnson's side. On a defensive level, the parity of the Blues was careful and calm, now there is a need to unlock in attack with the aim of hitting the first win of the season.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Sun 06 March 2022 alle 17:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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