The defeat against Toronto FC is likely to carry great legacies. It is now a fact that New York City FC can no longer win. The Blues have yet to win a game this season. Indeed, NYCFC has only won 4 games of the last 20 games. A negative trend that clearly will not lead the team to play the playoffs. Domenec Torrent took all the blame for this resounding defeat against Toronto FC.

But it is clear that both the coach and the team will have to do much more to achieve the seasonal goals. There was no match against Toronto. New York has always been at the mercy of the opponent. Only two occasions created throughout the game, too little for a team that must show great desire to win.

The team seemed frayed between the departments. The midfield suffered a lot from the dribble of the opponents, little was created in front and in defense the markings were really very bland.

It was therefore the wrong attitude that made the difference. The approach to the game was not the right one and then this was reflected in the field with a team, New York, canceled by the opponents.

Torrent took all the blame, but he will have to get to work to find the right set up and the right men to win again. New York City FC needs to improve as soon as possible, otherwise the Blues risk throwing a season.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Sat 30 March 2019 alle 20:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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