It was undoubtedly a missed opportunity for New York City FC. For the City against Chicago Fire counted to win, and instead New York City did not go beyond the draw. Torrent's team lost the opportunity to climb the rankings and reach the third place. New York City FC had control of the game, the team didn't suffer much but in the attack they was not very cynical. In addition to the crossbar at Heber, New York City has had other opportunities that have not been realized. A draw then that leaves a bad taste in the mouth because New York City FC could certainly do something more to get the victory. On the other hand, the positive aspect is that New York City has extended the unbeaten streak. Now were up to eight matches of New York City FC unbeaten. A very positive figure, which allows the team to play with high morale and with the awareness of trying something more, of being more courageous to try to get back to the three points soon. This is because New York City certainly deserves a better position in the standings. New York City FC is proving to be one of the most fit and formidable teams in the entire MLS. By acquiring greater concreteness, the team will be able to achieve those results to make the final qualitative leap. But to do it there's need character, there's need to bring out the best and give your best in every game. Added to this is luck but also lucidity in the key moments of the matches. In this mix New York City FC will be able to show great things. The road is the right one, now it needs acceleration to fight for the top places in the ranking.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Sun 26 May 2019 alle 21:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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