New York City FC wins against Inter Miami and advances to the next round of the MLS Playoffs. A beautiful, sweaty, and strongly desired victory by Nick Cushing's team. Many chances were created by the Boys in Blue who managed to score only in the second half. In the end, New York succeeded in the great feat, but what made the difference between the two teams was not only the will to win but also the group.

The NYCFC victory was the victory of the whole team. All the players have given their precious contribution, and all have played with great determination, with only one goal: to win!

The second goal from New York is the emblem. Maxi Moralez is the finalizer, but the whole team participates in the action. Even Sean Johnson twice touches the ball in the action that leads to the second goal. At that moment some might think that Inter Miami was too much of a wait and that may be true. But the difference was made by the Boys in Blue. Everyone gave their valuable contribution sending the opponent into confusion and obtaining the double advantage. A wonderful action!

That's why the victory was a team one. New York City FC has shown that it can suffer and overcome problems and absences of some players due to injury. It is a team that put their hearts on the pitch and deserved to win. The dream continues...

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Wed 19 October 2022 alle 03:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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