New York City FC is eliminated in the worst way from the MLS Playoffs. Against Orlando City the Blues dominated, created opportunities but showed a lack of personality, as well as clarity, especially in attack. New York City FC had the best chances throughout the game. After the goal conceded by Nani, the Blues reacted and immediately found a draw. From that moment on, New York has continued to play and create chances, but never managed to score. New York City FC failed right in the goal zone. In attack, the final touch was missing, the winning shot that has happened to the Blues on so many occasions.

Towards the end of the game, the episode arrived that could pave the way for New York. The expulsion of Ruan could give a clear advantage to Deila's team which instead, from that moment on, had enormous difficulties. After the red card shown to Ruan, Orlando City had the best chances. New York City FC failed to take advantage of the extra man on the pitch. On the contrary, Deila's team suffered and in the final even risked taking the elimination goal, without even playing extra time and penalties.

New York City FC has been shown to lack personality and episode management within a match. A gap that New York paid dearly for and was then eliminated on penalties. It is no coincidence that in the post game many speak of defeat, of the worst elimination in the history of New York City FC. For how it came, the defeat against Orlando is certainly the lowest moment for the Blues.

It is bad to lose like this, after having dominated, having had opportunities to score, having played with the extra man and not having used all this to pass the round. In the end it is Orlando who rejoices, with New York City FC having to reflect on the mistakes made and Deila who will surely have to grow mentally a team that has shown many difficulties on a psychological level.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Sun 22 November 2020 alle 15:30
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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