The dream of New York City FC has died out against Portland Timbers. The Blues lost in a game played well in the first half and bad in the second half.

Still, just New York had managed to find the goal of the advantage with Medina on a penalty kick. An advantage, however, that Deila's team failed to manage. New York, with the passing of the minutes, has given up a little favoring the reaction of the Timbers which was very concrete. The opportunities created by the Timbers have all materialized, thanks also to the little rocky defense of New York that has left a lot of space to the opponents.

In fact, what worries most is the involution of the team between the first and second half, and the many mistakes made by the defense that favored the Timbers pushing them to victory. Each goal is marked by defensive errors, an aspect that affects the whole team not only the specific department.

Ronny Deila will have a lot to work on these aspects. New York has also made a lot of effort to realize the opportunities and create a game. Maxi Moralez's initial absence made itself felt, but the Blues cannot depend on a single player.

Deila has several problems to solve in order to relieve New York City FC after being eliminated from the tournament.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Sun 02 August 2020 alle 18:22
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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