New York City FC has a good advantage over the other teams. Despite the position in the standings is not at this time the best, New York City FC is currently in the playoffs. But the top of the standings is six points away. But New York City is the team that has played fewer games than everyone. At the top of the standing there is DC United with 25 points and 15 games played. In second place there is Philadelphia with 24 points and 14 games played. Third place for New York Red Bulls with 21 points and 14 games played. The Bulls share the place with Montreal Impact but they had played 15 games. With 20 point in 13 games played there is Atlanta United, and then New York City FC with 19 points in 12 games played. 

Despite the position, New York City FC has the great opportunity to climb the standing and reach the first place. Three games less than of DC United leaders of the conference and the chance for the Torrent's team to improve the ranking and take the first places. There is therefore confidence for the future of New York that is disappointed after the Chicago draw, but still has not lost hopes of reaching the top positions.

Sezione: The Opinion / Data: Tue 28 May 2019 alle 19:31
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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