The journalist Piers Morgan who interviewed Cristiano Ronaldo expressed himself on live TV on Manchester United's decision to terminate the Portuguese champion's contract. "I was surprised at how quickly this relationship ended, but I'm not surprised that Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Manchester United. Apparently by mutual consent. I doubt it would have happened without the interview, the consequences were enormous," he explained Morgan continuing. I think he's happy, now he's free to continue his career in a club that we hope shows more respect towards him. I have daily contact with Cristiano to make sure he is okay, taking into account everything that has happened. It's all he wanted, he wanted to say, and she knew what he meant. He is the greatest footballer ever. He is an icon who is experiencing this delicate situation in the middle of the most important stage of all, the World Cup. He's used to situations like this, but he's had enough of the way he's being treated."

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