With the transfer window closing next week, Nick Cushing said the club is weighing options with a view to ensuring the right players are recruited.

“The recruitment is ongoing, but when you get to the place when there are three, four days left, the day is important, because if we want to bring in a player, we have to do it in the next four days. There will be no disappointments. I'm really happy with the group we have. We will continue to try to get the right players into positions where you can see where we need depth or where you can see where we can potentially make the team stronger.

"We're working on it. We'll work on it on Tuesday, if we don't do it by Monday. It will be no different: we are not working any harder than before. In our league, it's really evident that you have to recruit the right players for your team, and if you bring in the wrong player, whether it's a player who doesn't make your top 11 that you brought in to be in your top 11 , or a player who isn't the right guy for the culture you have in the group, or is in the right position for what you need, then he has a huge impact.

“We will continue to communicate together – me, David Lee, Brad Sims, the coaches – to see if we can recruit players to make this group stronger, but I'm incredibly happy with where the group is. You can see in the performance that the team is improving and growing, and I want the best players to make our team the best team for New York City, and if we can do it today, tomorrow. Saturday, Sunday, of course we will.

“If the right player arrives in the secondary transfer window, we will. The goal is to make the team the best team we can be, both on the training ground and in recruiting.

Sezione: NYCFC Transfermarkt / Data: Sat 22 April 2023 alle 00:00
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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