His World Cup was a flop. Belgium's expectations in Qatar were very high, some thought this could be their year. It wasn't like that. A few days after the elimination from the World Cup, Eden Hazard also announced that he has left the national team. The Real Madrid player has made this unexpected decision which could also have implications for his next club.

Hazard showed his best with Chelsea. From 2012 to 2019 Hazard was the London club's most iconic player and his transfer from Lille to Chelsea was the most expensive in the history of Belgian players. With Chelsea Hazard he played 245 games scoring 85 goals. Beautiful plays, a driving force on and off the pitch. With Chelsea he wins everything, both nationally and internationally. His performances did not go unnoticed and in 2019 he moved to Real Madrid for the stratospheric sum of 100 million euros.

But Hazard's performance in Spain is not the same as Chelsea's. He often gets injured, but when he goes on the pitch he can never show his talent. At Real Madrid he still wins at club level, but for most of the games he is always on the bench.

As much as Hazard is in the waning phase of his career, he still has a lot of appeal. In Europe he is sought after by various Italian teams, in particular by Juventus, but he also has admirers in England. Furthermore, in the last few hours, the rumor of his possible landing in MLS has been circulating. In fact, the decision to leave the national team is also linked to his next choice. By moving to MLS, a different league from the European ones, he would no longer be under the attentions of the Belgium coach. Hazard himself has often stated that he wants to play in MLS and is often in America. A few days ago Hazard was spotted right in New York.

New York City FC can do more than one thought about Hazard. He's a player to recover on a mental level above all, but who could bring great experience to the team. Furthermore, Hazard is 31 years old and can still play 4-5 years at a high level. New York City FC shouldn't pass up the opportunity.

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