"It was a signal, a message that we wanted to send. We wanted to convey the message that Fifa is instead silencing." The Germany coach, Hansi Flick, but put aside his worries about the defeat against Japan for a moment, returning to talk about Fifa's veto on the 'One Love' armband and the initiative of his players who covered their heads before the match mouth during the group photo, a gesture that according to striker Kai Havertz, was "the right thing to do". Meanwhile, the German Football Association (Dfb) has moved to understand whether Fifa's threat to sanction players who wear the 'One Love' armband is legal. "Fifa has forbidden us to use this symbol in favor of diversity and human rights - underlined the head of Dfb media, Steffen Simon - and they did so by threatening serious sporting sanctions, without specifying them. The federal football federation is verifying whether this action of FIFA was legal." Simon himself said in Bild that the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) had been contacted on the matter and that he hoped that Germany captain Manuel Neuer could wear the 'One Love' armband for his team's second match. against Spain on Sunday.

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