Carlos Queiroz, coach of Iran, spoke in the press conference before tomorrow's match against the United States, also returning to the theme of the Iranian flag published on social media by the US federation without the symbol of the Islamic Republic: "I have to keep my mind on prepare them to play the best football of the day. Because, if my mind falls into the trap of paying attention and destroying everything with those things, I'm lying to football. If after 42 years in the sport as a coach, I still believe I can win games with those mind games, I think I have learned nothing about the game and that's not the case. These events surrounding the World Cup, I hope they are a good lesson for all of us for the future and that in the next event we will learn that our mission here is to create entertainment and, at least during 90 minutes, make people happy".

Sezione: Wolrd Cup Qatar 2022 / Data: Mon 28 November 2022 alle 19:47
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