The Football Federation of Iran has called for the resignation of Juergen Klinsmann from FIFA's technical study group after comments that the former German international and manager accused the Iranian national team of conditioning the referee during yesterday's 2-0 win at the Wales at the World Cup in Qatar. Commenting on the match for the BBC, Klinsmann had underlined that a series of tactical fouls and the behavior of the Iranian coaching staff during the match were part of a deliberate strategy to make the opponents "lose concentration" and maintained "it's all done on purpose. In field they attack the referee, while the linesman and the fourth official work from the bench". The Iranian coach, the Portuguese Carlos Queiroz, branded the German's comments as "a disgrace for football". "As much as I respect what you have done on the pitch, those comments about Iranian culture, the Iranian national team and my players are a disgrace," the coach wrote on twitter. Queiroz invited Klinsmann to visit the Iranian training ground at the World Cup to "hear how much they love and respect football" despite "outrageous" criticism, but argued he would only be welcome if he stepped down from his FIFA role in the meantime. The Iranian Football Federation released a statement explaining that "it has already asked FIFA for clarification and demanded an apology and Klinsmann's resignation from the FIFA technical study group".

Sezione: Wolrd Cup Qatar 2022 / Data: Sun 27 November 2022 alle 15:34 / Source: ANSA
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