Eloi Amagat signed with New York City FC in July 2018. He remained in the club only for the rest of the season. If there is any signature that is questionable and rather criticized by fans during Domènec Torrent's time as head coach, it is Amagat. Despite his experience, it made no sense to sign an older player like Spaniard and barely contributed to the club's troubled end to the 2018 season.

Amagat made his first appearance on August 22 and played in eight regular season games. From August 22nd to the end of the season, NYCFC have only won two games and fans have wondered why the former Girona player continued to earn minutes. He really left his mark on that August 22 Hudson River Derby. He was one of two players who received a red card and never found the fans' graces after his disastrous release.

The veteran produced little value and didn't even attempt to side with the fans. On the field, he seemed invisible. Mostly, he lacked the ability to move the ball towards the goal. His attacking ability was lackluster, without producing goals or assists. When his option was turned down, fans were thrilled.

Ever since Amagat left, he has signed with the Spanish third-tier team, UE Olot, which says a lot about his performances. There is no doubt that the midfielder was in the late stages of his game days and the biggest question remains when it came to Torrent's purchases. Fans of New York City FC would prefer to forget it, but his lackluster performance and constant criticism keep his memory alive for now.

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Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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