New York City FC star forward Taty Castellanos remains in a holding pattern. His future is likely in Europe or at one of South America's most storied clubs. But for now, updates are sparse.

Castellanos remains with NYCFC as the summer transfer windows open in Europe and South America. Just like over the winter, the wait for concrete news continues.

“As of now, there’s no tangible update, really,” sporting director David Lee told media at a virtual press conference Monday. “We haven’t received an offer that we think is acceptable. Until that happens, Taty will remain with our team, continue to perform and score goals for us. When more offers come, we’ll assess them and decide if it’s right.”

NYCFC have put a valuation of around $15 million on their Argentine talisman. Castellanos has been loosely linked with numerous English Premier League teams this summer, but nothing more than "interest" or erroneous rumors. It’s feeling much like the winter-transfer-saga-that-never-was earlier this year for the 23-year-old center forward.

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