MLS stops for 30 days. COVID-19 has become a threat to the whole country. But why was the decision taken to stop MLS, in addition to all other sports? COVID-19 is an flu that particularly affects the respiratory tract and lungs. However, this is a virus that has a high contagion capacity. The greatest danger is for elderly people, in particular for those already affected by other serious pathologies. The data confirm that mortality concerns, in large percentage, elderly and already sick people. The decision to suspend the season was made to control the infection, especially for those who already have many physical problems. Sooner or later he had to arrive in the US, precisely because of the high contagion rate, but also because the incubation period is 15 days. The effects are therefore not immediately visible, while the virus travels from person to person. Sports measures are therefore necessary and aimed at slowing down the possibility of contagion.
In the coming days we will see what other measures will be taken in New York and what the program of the team that, in some way, will have to continue training will be.

Sezione: News / Data: Gio 12 marzo 2020 alle 22:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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