Another player who brings confidence to the team is Keaton Parks, who will be returning home to Frisco, TX as a professional soccer player for the first time in his burgeoning career.

Parks didn’t grow up far from Toyota Stadium, which means there will be a lot of friendly faces in the crowd for the NYCFC midfielder. 

“I’m super excited. My immediate family’s going to be there of course and then I have a lot of cousins, aunts, and uncles that live in the Dallas area that will be out at the game,” he said. “I have all my high school friends and my old coach and his teams, just everybody, everybody’s coming out to see me so it’s going to be awesome.”

Along with Keaton’s support system, another benefit for the young midfielder is his familiarity with the stadium and the pitch. 

“I mean I went to a lot of games and then even for high school soccer we played some of our games in that stadium. I know the stadium really well and I know the area so it’s going to be cool to play professionally back there,” Parks said. 

Although he’ll be back in his hometown, it’s business as usual for Keaton Parks. 

“I’m not going to switch it up or play any different just because I’m back home,” he said. 

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