According to many, and also according to James Sands, New York City FC misses Sean Johnson very much. The former Blues goalkeeper now a Toronto FC player was one of the leaders of the team and surely his charisma is missing in the locker room.

On the field, however, NYCFC seems to have found the right replacement for him. Luis Barraza's start to the season has been exciting as James Sands also highlighted: "Even against Toronto Luis Barraza did a great job. Luis is an important part of the future of this club and I think he started the season really well." .

There was a lot of skepticism at the start of the season that Barraza is surprising everyone and deserves the praise he is getting.

Sezione: News / Data: Wed 03 May 2023 alle 02:30
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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