Nick Cushing believes playing at home against FC Cincinnati could prove to be a big advantage for the team:

"We love playing in front of our fans," he added. “We love Yankee Stadium, we love Citi Field; we know those places make us feel at home, we know we get a really nice atmosphere. We are pushed by the fans in those difficult times and we really enjoy the good times, and we have had a lot of them. We know we are in a difficult time. We are frustrated, we are hungry and we need our fans. We need a really good atmosphere at Citi Field, we need a really good collective spirit because the players are hungry. We will do and have planned to do everything we can to raise the mood. We will do our part as a team: we will give energy to the pitch and we will make sure to give everything we have to get a result in front of our home fans".

Sezione: News / Data: Wed 07 September 2022 alle 01:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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