In anticipation of this weekend's clash, Cushing shared an update on James Sands, confirming the midfielder is ready to play following his midweek exploits with the United States men's national team.

The 22-year-old completed the full 90 minutes against Mexico as the Stars and Stripes drew 1-1, thanks to a late equalizer from Dallas threat Jesús Ferreira.

On Sands, he said: “James is available to play. He's in a good mood. I think he is happy that he played the match well and we will prepare as normal.

“It was a good match, I enjoyed the game. I stayed up watching the game. I think James played well so we will plan normally.

“The luxury for both teams is that only one player played most minutes. I know a second Dallas player has come onto the field, but for a short time. I think what we both have in store for us is that both players – James Sands and Jesús Ferreira are – are both incredibly professional players.

"Their recovery, and what they're doing today and tomorrow, they're going to do all they can do."

Sezione: News / Data: Fri 21 April 2023 alle 23:00
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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