Although NYCFC has only tasted defeat twice in their MLS Season 5, they’ll look to make their come back in the Derby.  

With the return of key players, bring back depth to the roster, the team will be in near full form. 

Sean Johnson’s return in net brings strength back to City. Although Brad Stuver held down the fort in the big man’s absence, the ‘keeper has come up big for his team when they’ve needed him and he is itching to put on his gloves and take the field with the Boys in Blue once again. 

Another key return is Alex Callens, whose absence caused a shift in Torrent’s formation. Callens' return will bring that Iron Man power to the defensive line. 

Héber took the pitch with his squad on Wednesday, for the Open Cup, but his presence on the field automatically adds to the team’s confidence. The striker’s arrival spurred NYCFC back to their winning ways, and he will look to once again get his team back on top. 

As the Boys in Blue look to bounce back in the Derby, they’ll be eager to bring home the win and continue their ascent up the table.  

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Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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