Héber is back! 

The striker made his return to the XI in the U.S. Open Cup quarterfinal match, but he really made his presence felt against the Red Bulls in his first Hudson River Derby.

He opened up scoring for NYCFC in the 7th minute, netting the first goal of the night. 

The ball was played forward brilliantly from Keaton Parks, who brought the ball through the Red Bull midfielders, getting it to Maxi Moralez. Moralez turned the ball over to Anton Tinnerholm, who crossed it first-time to his striker to put the finishing touch on it. 

Héber now leads the team with seven goals under his belt for Season 5. 

Sezione: News / Data: Mar 16 luglio 2019 alle 22:00 / Fonte: NYCFC.COM
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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