New York City FC is approaching two major events of the season. The first is scheduled for Wednesday, the Campeones Cup final against Atlas. The Hudson River Derby is subsequently scheduled. Two games that could change the Blue's season, or plunge the team into hell. We have to be honest, New York City FC does not arrive at these two important games in splendid condition.

The Blues have not won since August 22, when they managed to defeat the Chicago Fire. After that game, New York City FC lost four more matches to score a point against FC Cincinnati instead. In their last ten games, New York City FC has won on only one occasion. The numbers are very disheartening. New York City FC lost its bearings, particularly after Castellanos' departure.

Fortunately, a final and a derby almost prepare themselves. The motivations come by themselves, in each player. Every single player knows very well the importance of these games. Raising one more trophy in New York in such a disappointing season could change everything.

Nick Cushing will have to work on this in the three days leading up to the grand final. New York City FC must wake up, they can do it!

Sezione: News / Data: Sun 11 September 2022 alle 14:01
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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