That wraps up the regular season – a record-breaking regular season #ForTheCity.

Thanks to an amazing Season 5, we’ve seen all-time Club records fall for points (64), goals (63) and wins (18).

Despite the fact we’ve won the Eastern Conference and secured CONCACAF Champions League qualification, there is a real “not done yet” vibe emanating from this group.

This latest win, over the team who rivalled NYC for the Conference for much of the season, was a real statement for the postseason.

As ever, The Ringleader put it best: “Playoffs are different, playoffs are one-game, knockout game, it’s going to be completely different. It’s important for us to win, but now those wins won’t help us in the future against these teams. We just have to go out on the pitch and compete and we have to win.”

Sezione: News / Data: Mar 08 ottobre 2019 alle 22:30 / Fonte: NYCFC.COM
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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