After the victory over Columbus Crew, New York City FC is ready to face another tough competitor in the form of Chicago Fire at Red Bull Arena. According to goalkeeper Sean Johnson, former of Chicago, the club needed points and instead of focusing on their opponent, they focused on themselves which turned out to be the best mentality.

Johnson said: “I think it was a really big win for us. We were in a position where we needed points. I think the focus was on us and what we needed to do, not so much concerned with where Columbus was on the table. It was really important to stay true to the things that have allowed us to be successful in the past. We dug deep, I think there was a real struggle and a real commitment to play. I think you can see everything around the field. Nobody got scared, nobody backed down and we were always on the front line".

Sezione: News / Data: Sat 29 August 2020 alle 20:36
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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