NYCFC is back to winning without Maxi Moralez, their 20 assists from last season. It is only the second win without the Argentine in the squad since the beginning of 2019 (2W-3L-2D).

"Of course, we have a player who is important enough to us who doesn't play but had 20 assists and 10 goals last year," Deila said. “And if you see the stats with and without him last year, you see that he was a pretty important player in the offensive game. But I think we managed to play without Maxi really, really well and we have to do it because he can't play all the games. "

Picking up some of the play was Jesus Medina, who had a couple of good moments early in the second half, and the big signing of Alexandru Mitrita, who looked livelier and showed some good ideas up front. He hit the crossbar and joined effectively with Heber throughout the game.

"I think Mitri is back today," said Deila of the Romanian forward. “He looked happy. He seemed to be working hard both ways and with some good deeds for him. [If we can get him to get a goal or an assist], he can create more. "

Sezione: News / Data: Mar 25 agosto 2020 alle 17:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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