David Villa was one of the stars of a special that aired on DAZN. The former New York City FC player spoke about his career as a player, also clearly recalling his experience with New York City FC, focusing on his former teammate Andrea Pirlo: "I was lucky enough to meet Andrea in New York. And He's a player I've always admired, as an opponent and then when I had the opportunity to play with him I saw what he did with the ball, it was fantastic. He's a great man, we spoke a little in Spanish, he understood it but He didn't speak it. Then we learned English, in the end, we spoke a little in Italian, Spanish, and English. It was a fantastic experience to play with him in New York because he's a player I've always admired".

Sezione: News / Data: Mon 17 April 2023 alle 22:21
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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