There are no doubts. At the draft of the new MLS schedule, we all went to watch the day when the Hudson River Deby will be played. So let's mark this date, on May 31st New York City FC will host the Red Bulls for the first derby of the season. It will be played regularly at Yankee Stadium. While the next derby is scheduled for August 23 at the Red Bull Arena. The hope is that New York City FC will be able to repeat last season's performance. The Blues won 2-1 and one of the best games of the season was played at Yankee Stadium. Much will depend on what the club decides to do on the market, but the fans are looking forward to seeing the derby and maybe even winning it.

Sezione: News / Data: Dom 22 dicembre 2019 alle 15:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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