More statements from Cristiano Ronaldo to journalist Piers Morgan arrive, in view of the full interview that will be published in the next few hours by Talk TV. The Portuguese ace also spoke about the possibility of moving to Manchester's other team, City, before accepting the United court: "Honestly, I was really close to moving to City. I spoke a lot with them, with Guardiola, they I did everything I could to try and get me but with all my history, what I've done at United and my heart, it really wasn't possible. Ferguson also made a difference, I made a conscious decision: my heart prevailed. I didn't I could have turned my back on my past, I don't regret it, the key was Ferguson and when I discussed it he made me understand that it was really impossible for me to go and play for Manchester City."

Sezione: News / Data: Thu 17 November 2022 alle 01:26
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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