New York City FC traveled to Harrison, New Jersey to face off against the Red Bulls on their home turf. 

As City hit the road, they looked to bring home a better result than what was ultimately decided by a controversial goal in the 60th minute…

If you missed the match, the ball went out of bounds and the Assistant Referee indicated for a corner kick, which the Boys in Blue were starting to set up to defend. What they didn’t notice is that the referee overturned the AR and awarded the Red Bulls a throw-in which was taken quickly, with NYCFC players caught out of position.

Once the throw-in was taken, the hosts were able to capitalize and score the winning goal.

The controversy rang throughout social media as players, reporters, and fans all shared their thoughts on the play. 

They were not alone, the City boys also had choice words with the referees after the match. Sean Johnson, Alex Ring, and Dome Torrent led the charge as tensions ran high.

Our Captain told reporters post-game: “Yeah, I mean I think it’s pretty clear that the assistant shows down with his flag to play the corner kick, and if the referee feels it’s a throw-in, he should have the decency to let everyone know. I think it’s a game-deciding situation, he has to look in the mirror and be brutally honest because he cost us the points today.” 

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Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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