We completely agree with Nick Cushing. Alex Callens is by far the best central defender in the MLS. The Peruvian footballer has made significant progress. Callens has become a team leader over the years. Arriving in New York in 2017, over the years Callens has matured as a man but also as a footballer. In terms of physics and tactics, the Peruvian has made huge steps forward.

Cushing plays with greater confidence, both on the part of the manager and with himself. This can be seen on the pitch. Callens now plays as a veteran, with a great personality and all his leadership skills come out. 

After Taty Castellanos' departure, we can say that now he is the real leader of the team, the player who can drag his teammates both in good times and bad. Alex Callens is this year's best player for New York City FC.

Sezione: News / Data: Tue 20 September 2022 alle 18:25
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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