New York City FC draws the Hudson River Derby goalless. Below are the three main keys to the match:


The Blues handed the game initiative to the Red Bulls during the first half. Ultimately, NYCFC gave full playing time to their arch-rivals. We don't know if it was a game choice on Cushing's part to give his opponents time and then try to exploit the spaces, tiredness, and lack of clarity that Red Bulls would have shown in the second half. The fact is that New York City FC didn't play in the first half, luckily the Red Bulls weren't able to take advantage of it.


After giving away the first half to their opponents, in the second half it was the Blues who won the game. New York City FC made the most of their opponents' tiredness by creating opportunities that the team was unable to make the most of. Especially towards the end, the best opportunities came, but in attack, there was a lack of cynicism and malice, that pinch of cheek to go on to score a goal that would have decided the Hudson River Derby. Putting aside Freese's great late save for a moment, throughout the entire game New York City created the most straightforward chances and deserved more. But to win you have to score goals, New York didn't manage to do that.


We were talking about Matt Freese's save. He was decisive in avoiding defeat for the Blues, a defeat that would also have been undeserved. The save was extraordinary, with great reaction, and a sense of reactivity to the nth degree, Freese literally performed a miracle allowing the Blues to at least take home an important point. It is no coincidence that he is then named Man Of The Match. His save was decisive for New York City FC.

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