After back-to-back home victories, New York City FC prepares for an away match north against Toronto FC. Thiago Martins underlined the importance of establishing himself away from home:

"It's not easy, but we have to establish ourselves away from home," Martins said.

“We know that away from home they press higher, they have the same atmosphere, stadium, and fans, as when we play here in New York. We have to be brave and play the same way we play when we play with our fans in our stadium."

“We know we played very well last week, but if you want to be a good team, a high-level team, we have to play like last week even away from home.

“We have to improve this. We know it's difficult, but we have to impose ourselves."

Sezione: Focus / Data: Fri 28 April 2023 alle 19:21
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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